Frame Pipe

Spigot connecting the tower frame component is neither bolted nor Crumple-Loose components, like many traditional scaffolds, but the vertical tube of 2.50mm thickness is used, to give maximum strength to the tower structure and spigot is an inherent part of this same perpendicular tube designed by cold farming


The Various scaffolds meet the current European regulation. Aluminum self-locking hooks that fit automatically onto the rungs, the shapes gives more than 220 degree cover area for a perfectly stable scaffold tower. The hook edge is strengthen to make it shock resistant. Crimping of brace all side crimping to resist tension and torque loads.

Welding Process

Tig welding process because of following advantages: such as product very high-quality weld finish Provides precise control of welding variable heat via amperage controls. Leave on slag or splatter, leaving the weld and surrounding metal clean.

Work Platform

Work Platform is made of anti-slip is made of aluminum frames all around the plywood for correct fitting of toe board.

EN Standard Caster Wheel

20cm Wheels with Dual Brakes foot operating and adjustable jack vertically 30cm to be Adjusted where the ground is uneven.