Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding UAE enables trouble-free and simple access to various heights while also providing a solid platform. It is constructed utilizing several aluminum ladder frames while maintaining strong connections by meticulously welding all seams. Our double-width aluminum tower is light in weight, allowing for easier transportation. The rungs and frames of the tower give a strong grip for climbing while also preventing debris from sticking to the surface.

The manufacturing and design of our scaffoldings are done to fulfill the needs of the Construction, Industrial, and Manufacturing trade industries. Every frame is a ladder frame that has been built for greater performance and maximum strength to improve worker safety. The platform features a large working space and the ability to change the heights by adding extra platforms.

Ideal Scaffolding assists building and construction firms with outside access solutions and safe scaffolding supplies. Every time we provide our items to a customer, we ensure that they may trust us and make full use of our products. We gave them the greatest after-sales service.

Technical Specifications:-

Length: 1.45 Mtr Double width tower
Width : 2.50 Mtr
Height: 2.00 Mtr to 15.00 Mtr
Frames Heights: 2.00 Mtr, 1.00 Mtr
Castor Wheels: 200mm with Jack & 150mm with Jack or without Jack
Wooden Platform = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform Maximum load per platform 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg inching Tower.DOUBLE WIDTH ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLDING TOWER

Double width aluminum scaffolding tower is made via different aluminum fixed ladder frames and spain frames there is no mix up to minimize the risks. Scaffolding access towers weight of the frames is kept light for better transportation, meanwhile, keeping the bonds strong through welding all joints carefully. Double width tower  load capacity will be 250KG (Approx) per platform along with a safe working load of 700 KG per tower. Also, it is available with different base widths and lengths and can be chosen according to the requirements.

The rungs of the frames are extrusion tubes that provide a good grip for climbing and restricting garbage to stick on the surface. The height of the towers above 10 meter scaffold tower is secured with another structure while the maximum height for mobile scaffold 15m. It also provides the option to alter the heights adding more platforms. Moreover, This movable aluminium scaffolding  heavy-duty wheels for brake and release options.


  • Every frame is a ladder frame meaning there’s no mix ups to delay and endanger those assembling or using the tower.
  • Frames engineered for lightness for better transportation, whilst maximizing strength by fully welding all joints and further improving safety.
  • All frame rungs are castellated tube, which provides grip for climbing, and will resist debris becoming stuck on the surface.
  • Double platform tower for wider working space Ladder frame allows easy ascent to the top.
  • Light weight, easy assembly/ disassembly method, non-corrosive and visually appealing tower compared to steel.
  • Precise uniform tig welding and notching performed to secure parts firmly.
  • Maximum working height 16m; towers above 10m must be secured to another structure.
  • Heavy duty 8″ wheels with brake and release option, capable of holding up to 500kg load capacity/wheel.
  • Option to work at several heights at one time, by using additional platforms

SAFE WORKING LOAD : 700KG PER TOWER (including tower self-weight)
AVAILABLE BASE WIDTH : 1.45M, 1.35M, 1.20M, 2.0M