Podium With Step

It is designed with easy access to provide support to the operators. Guardrail is also provided with lockable doors; moreover, it also comes with removable wheels so that they can easily be transported. Podiums are suitable for less working areas and are adjustable. Podiums welded by aluminum platform steps and Plywood platform steps They ensure security with controlling locks at different points. We customize podiums working platforms as per requirements.


Podium scaffold tower steps are quite different from ladders; however, the functions are almost similar. Podium Platform ladder are best for low-level heights than the step ladders. Unlike the ladders, these extendable podium ladders have a larger surface area to work on. The wide size allows the operator to move freely and perform their job easily. The podium is like a small stage that is movable and provides a good space for the operator.


  • Installation not included
  • Ample space provided for single person usage wide platform
  • Guardrail provided with lockable doors
  • Wide working platform with safety guardrail
  • Movable type, Suitable for less working areas
  • Brace Diagonal: 2
  • Mini steps provide easy access